Tuesday, June 3, 2008

OH! p.s.: 
    I'm still trying to learn how to use a blog as well, so sorry I'm not quite sure how to respond to each of you personally yet. Maybe I should check out the new email account I set up with this blog.... (which, by the way, is: jennifer.horne45@yahoo.com)
Hello, hello! 
   Wow! I'm just checking this for the first time, and several of you have already posted a message! THANKS to Kenzie, Jordyn, Jacee, Rachelle, Kiesha, & Raruko!! I'm glad to know we can stay in touch. :) 
    It sounds like some of you are starting your summers out very busy, while others are having a hard time trying to find ways to fill the time. For those of you going camping this week, I hope you have a b-l-a-s-t! I loved girls' camp! 
     Anyway, you guys are awesome! Take it easy and keep smiling! :D

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hey Huskies! 
   I would love to stay in contact with you through my blog! Please say hello, and let me know about the fun & exciting things going on in your life. If  you let me know about certain events, I will try to attend, such as: sporting events; musical performances; high school graduation; etc. 
   You guys are GREAT!! I'm proud of you!